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With pride, the Road Department for Ionia County strives to provide the

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1. What Happens if your mailbox is knocked over or damaged?


    Answer: Link to Mailbox Policy


2. What is Right-of-Way? What is on my road? Can I do work in the Right-of-Way?


    Answer: All public roads are located within land which is referred to as road right-of-way. Within a typical road right-of-way, the following facilities can be found: the driving surface, roadside shoulders and ditch, public utilities, sidewalks, and traffic signs to name a few. Road right-of-way width is established by deed, statute, or through the platting process. Regardless, lands within the road right-of-way are reserved for use of the traveling public and maintenance of the county road system. Public roadways within Ionia County, other than limited access freeways, State trunklines and roads within the incorporated boundaries of villages and cities are the jurisdiction of the Ionia County Road Commission. As the agency with jurisdiction over the county road system, the Ionia County Road Commission has a duty to look after the health, safety, and welfare of the public using county roads.The typical road right-of-way on county roads is 66 feet; this sometimes varies in older subdivisions. Any type of work or activity that is to be performed within the road right-of-way, other than lawn maintenance, requires a permit from the Ionia County Road Commission. Common types of work that require permits are: driveway installations, driveway resurfacing, irrigation installation, ditch modifications, utility installations, tree removals, banner installations, and parades. Due to our duty to look after the health, safety, and welfare of the public using county roads, the Ionia County Road Commission does not allow, but is not limited to, the following installations or activities within the road right-of-way: any activity that creates an unsafe condition for those using the roadways, installation of fences, planting of trees, filling of roadside ditches, installation of masonry mailboxes  and installation of unauthorized signs. “County Road Law