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Dorothy G. Pohl - Managing Director


With pride, the Road Commission for Ionia County strives to provide the

highest quality roads and bridges to the public and commercial users in

the most effective manner possible

Weight Restrictions

Weight Restriction Hot Line 24 Hours a Day         Phone: 616-527-6977 


 Ionia County Road Commission will be removing seasonal weight restrictions on Wednesday, April 10th at 6:00 am.


Seasonal Special Use Permits (CRA 110 & CRA 110A)

All agricultural and public electric utility vehicles hauling normal legal loads (over the 35% legal axle reduction) during the seasonal weight restriction period shall be required to apply for and obtain an approved special exemption permit, prior to movement on restricted roadways. The Ionia County Road Commission reserves the right to deny or temporarily suspend special use permits due to  extensive deteriorating roadway conditions and/or apparent damage to the roadway caused as a direct result of the movement of normal legal loads. Please contact the Ionia County Road Commission office for additional information. Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm at (616) 527-1700 or by e-mail at:               


 For a list of all Michigan counties visit the County Road Association of Michigan  website by clicking on this link:

Seasonal Weight Restrictions Statewide

Questions may be directed to the Engineering Department or Weighmaster at 616-527-1700